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Mammoth construction project about to be launched in the Green Hell

On 12 November, particularly comprehensive and sustainable renovation work will be kicked off at the Nürburgring. The track of the Nordschleife, which is unique in the world, will be completely renewed in five different sections. In addition, the safety standard in the Green Hell will be further improved by expanding the FIA safety fences. The measures that will be carried out as part of this year’s construction work cover two and a half kilometres of track and an investment volume of roughly EUR 4 million, making them the most comprehensive work undertaken at the Nordschleife in more than 40 years.
“Continuously maintaining the world’s longest permanent race track is a huge task. Which makes it all the more important to be conscientious about it,” explains Nürburgring managing director Mirco Markfort in light of the upcoming work. In the long history of the Nordschleife, the focus of repairs was not always on durability. However, Markfort stresses that it is a crucial aspect: “Taken together, the Grand Prix track and the Nordschleife comprise more than 25 kilometres of asphalt that is constantly exposed to massive strains. In winter, however, there is only a short period of time to repair part of it. This is why we attach great importance not only to high quality but also to sustainability.”
Against this background, five track sections – Flugplatz / Schwedenkreuz, Kallenhard, Wehrseifen, Ex-Mühle and Hohe Acht – will undergo “complete repair”, meaning that the asphalt as well as all of the layers below will be renewed. Naturally, the unique character of the Nordschleife will be retained. “Lateral fixed points, such as the existing curbs on the left and right of the current track, will be decisive for the eventual laying of the driving surface. This way, we ensure that even slopes and inclines will be the same after the repairs, and that the character of the track is retained,” explains Nürburgring project manager Alexander Schnobel. The most comprehensive construction work
in more than 40 years also makes for impressive figures. The construction machines will work on a total of 22,000 square metres of track. The excavators and tippers will handle 10,000 cubic metres of excavated material. Some 6,000 tons of asphalt will be removed, to then be crushed by special machinery and put back in as a new asphalt mixture at the end of the environmentally-friendly recycling procedure.
“The size of the construction site and the scope of the measure are enormous considering the available time window, and as such rather challenging – a real mammoth project. This applies to the timely implementation as well as to preparation and planning,” Alexander Schnobel sums up. “In this task, we benefit from the years of experience of all those involved. This holds true for the local and regional companies, but naturally also for us.” Due to the scope of the project, the construction companies Schnorpfeil (Treis-Karden) and Wurzel (Jülich) have formed a working group. As long-standing partners of the Nürburgring, consulting engineers Porz & Partner are once more on board as well.
In addition to the track renovation, the Nürburgring will also implement another safety measure this year. A total of around 900 metres of new FIA fences will be installed in the Hatzenbach section, on the left in the direction of travel, as well as in the Kesselchen section. This will further improve the safety of those using the Nordschleife.  
Construction work is scheduled to be completed on 22 February, thus offering perfect conditions for a new and thrilling motorsport season in the Green Hell.