The great historic motorsport meeting as the only authentic successor to the inaugural race in 1927 is back at the start. 95 years after the opening of the world's most famous race track, the invitation is once again extended to travel back in time to the track, the paddocks and the team garages.

22 race series and special races with almost 800 starters attract visitors to the traditional circuit in the Eifel. Drivers in high-powered racing cars will engage in hard-fought battles, legendary classics and youngtimers will be seen in action.

Historic DTM cars from the "Golden Era" are coming and many well-known drivers will be there. The battle of the midgets is at the start. There are Experience runs and GLPs on the Grand Prix Track and the Nordschleife. The Prewars will start again with a Le Mans start for the Elephant Race and drive the sportiest laps in their "old stomping ground" of the Nordschleife, when they are not atmospherically displayed in the historic pit area of the old paddock from 1927.

Gridwalks allow you to visit the middle of the starting grid on the start-finish straight for unforgettable experiences. Food courts and vendor areas, as well as the period-dressed grid girls, provide plenty of flair as in the races of glory days.