15.09. – 17.09.2023


It is considered the ultimate race for man and machine: Since 1953, the ADAC 1000 km Race has been held on the traditional Eifel circuit on the overall track. From 15 to 17 September 2023, the revival of the unique and legendary endurance classic will take place for the third time on the Grand Prix Track and Nordschleife. Almost 7 hours, almost 40 laps with a starting field of over 100 vehicles and teams will take place on the overall course through the Green Hell.

1000 km have to be mastered. Such a race is unique in Europe: the length of the course and the demands on the drivers and teams are incomparable. There are pit stops with refuelling, tyre changes, brake repairs and driver changes, because up to four drivers take the long distance under their historic wheels. Today, a revival with historic vehicles means tactical driving - after all, it is not a sprint race. Excitement and variety are guaranteed.

Whether on the grandstands or in the paddock... it's always "experience the race up close" - the highlight is the start with three groups of starters on Saturday at noon, when the starting fields come storming down the starting straight along the pit lane in the Indianapolis start ("flying start"). A unique feature for spectators is the opportunity to go to the grid before the start, where teams and drivers are still preparing in a variety of ways. A "gridwalk" like at the modern 24h Race or at the Formula 1 also creates incomparable pictures and an authentic racing atmosphere at the ADAC 1000 km Race.

In addition to the main race, the weekend at the ADAC 1000 km Race offers exciting supporting programmes and club meetings as well as an international "Rennsportwagen Revival" with open sports cars from the years 1953 to 1973.