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For mutual consideration in road traffic: Nürburgring launches campaign Be a role model!

“Be a role model! Racing professionals and fans for mutual consideration in road traffic“ – with this message, the Nürburgring is launching a bilingual campaign in German and English for greater safety and compliance with rules in road traffic. The initiative is supported by the VLN Endurance Championship as well as drivers and officials active in the racing series. In a first step, the successful veteran team managers Olaf Manthey and Johannes Scheid, racing driver Sabine Schmitz as well as her male colleagues Philipp Eng, Tim Schrick and Adam Christodoulou will be featured in the distinctive images. These will from now on be published by the Nürburgring on its numerous LED screens and online channels, and soon also on billboards in the region. True to the motto “Together we are strong”, the race track aims to call on racing professionals and fans as well as visitors of the Nürburgring and the region to be a role model also on public roads. 

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In addition to communication related to its own driving offers, the Nürburgring began including advice on how to behave on public roads in its communication some time ago. Various information materials as well as its website and the new tourist ride tutorial video point out, among other things, that a speed limit of 50 km/h applies in built-up areas that has to be complied with. “Being a race track, the Nürburgring is of course associated with fast driving and many of our offers are about driving vehicles at high speeds. However, we create a suitable framework for this and establish appropriate safety measures so that many motorsport and Nürburgring enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby here,“ says Nürburgring managing director Mirko Markfort.
Unlike the rules on the fenced-off tracks of the Nürburgring, there are more complex regulations and requirements for driving on public roads. That is why the campaign “Be a role model!” does not 
exclusively address fast driving but focuses on mutual consideration and compliance with all applicable rules in general.
The campaign especially targets tourists, whose behaviour has been an issue among residents. In discussions with the municipality of Adenau, police and the office for public order, representatives of the Nürburgring analysed the situation. “As a figurehead of tourism in the region, we feel particularly responsible,” Markfort stresses. “That is why we decided on a measure of our own, for which we intend to use the appeal of the Nürburgring brand as well as the credibility of the featured idols.”
In order to ensure that the message does not fail to have an effect also on international guests, the campaign is launched in German and English. The images of British Mercedes-AMG driver Adam Christodoulou and Nürburgring icon Sabine Schmitz, who is known internationally, will thus feature the words “Be a role model”. The authenticity and nationwide renown of Olaf Manthey, Johannes Scheid, Phillip Eng and Tim Schrick, on the other hand, will urge German-language people and visitors in the region to show mutual consideration in road traffic.