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Many roads lead to the Nürburgring ...

There are as many ways to get to the Nürburgring as there are activities and events at the longest race track in the world. Here we show you how to get to the Green Hell and how long it will take you.


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The legend on your doorstep

The Nürburgring is located in the heart of Germany, surrounded by many metropolitan areas such as the Ruhr district and the Rhein-Main district. Here you can find the distance between your home town and the legendary race track in the Eifel region:

  • Bonn (main station) - Nürburgring: 59 km
  • Koblenz (main station) - Nürburgring: 60 km
  • Cologne (main station) - Nürburgring: 84 km
  • Trier (main station) - Nürburgring: 88 km
  • Düsseldorf (main station) - Nürburgring: 124 km
  • Mönchengladbach (main station) - Nürburgring: 127 km
  • Mainz (main station) - Nürburgring: 146 km
  • Duisburg (main station) - Nürburgring: 150 km
  • Siegen (main station) - Nürburgring: 153 km
  • Essen (main station) - Nürburgring: 154 km
  • Bochum (main station) - Nürburgring: 167 km
  • Frankfurt (main station) - Nürburgring: 172 km
  • Dortmund (main station) - Nürburgring: 183 km

By car ...

It comes as no surprise that most people visit the motorsport mecca Nürburgring by car. Here you can find out how long it will take you to get from your home town to the legendary race track:



Straße, PLZ, Ort


Straße, PLZ, Ort

Recommended routes by car:

  • Driving from Cologne: A1 to end of motorway
  • Driving from Trier or Luxemburg: A48 to motorway exit Ulmen
  • Driving from Koblenz or Bonn: A61 to motorway exit Wehr

During events, once you are in the location you will be given directions depending on the traffic so you get to the Nürburgring as quickly as possible. Please also listen to the traffic announcements on Radio Nürburgring (UKW 87.7) and Radio RPR (UKW 103.5).

By train ...

Nürburgring fans wishing to travel by train have to put up with a combination of train and bus. The travel information service of Deutsche Bahn will show you how best to combine them, and whether you need to use other means of transport as well. - Anreiseformular

Flug | Hotel | Mietwagen
Reisen | Städtereisen

By bus ...

Here you can find the timetable for busses to the Nürburgring:


Linie 343 Mayen − Kürrenberg − Nachtsheim − Boos – Kelberg (PDF)

Linie 344 Mayen − Kürrenberg − Virneburg − Herresbach – Adenau (PDF)

Linie 859 Adenau − Quiddelbach − Müllenbach – Kelberg (PDF)

Linie 863 Ahrbrück – Adenau (PDF)

Linie 864 Müsch − Schuld − Adenau (PDF)


The tariffs of Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel (VRM) apply.

By plane ...

If you are planning to get here by plane, we recommend the following destination airports:

  • Cologne / Bonn - CGN (distance to the Nürburgring: 82 km)
  • Hahn - HHN (distance to the Nürburgring: 94 km)
  • Luxemburg - LUX (distance to the Nürburgring: 123 km)
  • Düsseldorf - DUS (distance to the Nürburgring: 139 km)
  • Frankfurt - FRA (distance to the Nürburgring: 159 km)
  • Dortmund - DTM (distance to the Nürburgring: 188 km)

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