ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix

ADAC Truck Grand Prix

At the International ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix, the spotlights are turned on the giants of the road. Four times, the drivers of the European Truck Racing Championship will start. An exchange of paint is guaranteed at the races on the approximately 3-kilometre sprint track.

20 race trucks with far more than 1,000 hp and prominent drivers will compete for the weekend victory and thus for important points in the European Championship ranking. For the second time, the IDM Superbike 1000 will be taking part.
Due to the pandemic developments, the organisers have already had to cancel the popular Country Festival, the trucker camps, the open paddock and the trade fair from this year's programme.

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The pre-sale for 2021 is expected to start on 01 May 2021.
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The heavyweights of motor racing are coming to the Nürburgring!