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Nürburgring Driving Academy

Driver training and driving experiences at the Nürburgring

Strap-in to the driver's seat! The driving experiences offered by the Nürburgring Driving Academy guarantee fun, adrenaline kicks and a highly-charged, emotive atmosphere. These are the epitome of memorable experiences. Whether as a co-pilot or even driver. We offer driver training and driving experiences for everyone.

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The program

Nürburgring Driving Academy

It doesn’t matter whether you just want to get a one-off taste of the world of motorsports or if you’re serious about qualifying for the German Motorsport Association (DMSB) A licence – the motorsports driving license. Whether you want to experience the Nürburgring as a co-pilot at the side of a real professional driver or if you’d prefer to take the wheel to drive a thoroughbred formula racing car around the circuit yourself – the Nürburgring Driving Academy is the right address for you if you want a driving experience that’s full of thrills!

Dates driving experiences


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Formula trainings

Formula trainings
Starter: from € 395.- p. p.

Practice makes a racing driver


Participants of the Nürburgring formula trainings not only learn how to drive a thoroughbred formula car but how to master it ...


Offroad Experience

Offroad Experience
... in the Offroadpark Nürburgring!

Offroad fun


The grounds of the 80,000 m² Offroadpark in the immediate vicinity of the race track provide optimum conditions for all kinds of exciting offroad experiences ...


Driving program & events

Driving program & events
for companies & groups

Sharing the experience of the Nürburgring is memorable

Enjoy exclusive motorsport events with your guests that allow you to forget everyday life, forge groups together and dismantle barriers ...


Co-Pilot ride

Co-Pilot ride
€ 295.- per lap

Action-packed co-pilot rides


Speed freaks get their money’s worth when they take a seat next to a professional racing driver for a co-pilot ride and experience the thrill of speed ... ...


Sports Driver trainings

Sports Driver trainings
Drive like the professionals!

Drive like the professionals

Learn from our experts how to master the unique challenge Nürburgring and become a racing driver ...


Nürburgring Driving Academy

The showroom

The meeting and information point for course participants


Your welcome to the Nürburgring Driving Academy begins at the showroom at the ring°boulevard, where you will have the opportunity of taking a closer look at our vehicle fleet. At our training centre in the same building we’ll acquaint you with the special features of the racing circuit before introducing you to the world of engines at our engineering centre.



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The team


We introduce you: The team of the Nürburgring Driving Academy. With the professional instructors you will be in good hands. In addition to the qualifying event organisation of the training, the in-house workshop team with a lot of years of experience and the high-quality partners ensure smooth, technical operation.

To the team of instructors


To the technical crew

Offical partners of the Nürburgring Driving Academy

Mercedes AMG

Schroth Racing