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Seasonstart with contactless tourist rides

The contactless tourist drives will open the 2021 Nürburgring season next weekend (6 and 7 March). For the first time this year, the history-steeped Nordschleife can be driven on again. Those who drive their vehicles here need special skill and circumspection - because the most demanding race track in the world awaits with a length of 20.832 kilometres, 73 curves and 300 metres of difference in altitude per lap. To ensure that everyone can experience this fascination for themselves and according to uniform rules, road traffic regulations apply during the tourist drives. In addition, the Nürburgring is again relying on the tried and tested concept of "contactless tourist drives", which already proved its worth last year. The open parking areas at the Nordschleife are intended to give drivers the space they need to rest. Stewards will be here to check compliance with rules such as distance and compulsory wearing of masks.
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The return of the engine sounds is a special moment at the Nürburgring every year. In times of the pandemic, however, the focus is more on the health of everyone involved. That's why the "contactless tourist drives" have been in place since last year. The concept is considered tried and tested, because not a single Corona infection in the Ahrweiler district can be traced back to the rides. To ensure that this remains the case, uniform rules continue to apply at the Nürburgring. For example, credits and tickets are only available online - on the Nürburgring website and the Green Hell Driving portal, from home on your PC or on the road with your mobile phone. On site, access to the track is contactless via QR code or card. In line with the Corona rules, a maximum of two people per vehicle can take part in the tourist drives.
As last year, it is not permitted to get out of the car in the area of the Nordschleife access road. The entire parking area will remain closed here. Only visiting the regularly disinfected toilet is possible. In case of emergencies and problems, the office at the Nordschleife and a clearing point in the car park opposite the Nordschleife access road will be manned - here, too, the necessary precautions have been taken to protect everyone involved. At the second access road in the Adenau district of Breidscheid, the barrier remains closed.
Open car parks offer space for recreation
Tourist drivers can have a break at the parkings "In der Acht" opposite the Nordschleife entrance and in the historic paddock. The general Corona rules apply here, such as the distance requirement and the obligation to wear a mask. Stewards appointed by the Nürburgring will ensure that the rules of conduct are observed. In addition, the circuit asks its fans to continue to observe the "stay at home" rule and not to arrive exclusively to watch. In addition to the well thought-out concept, the operators also rely on the personal responsibility of each individual.