The ring°card: One card for everything


The ring°card is your key to all areas at the Nürburgring. It is a simple, innovative and quick medium for making payments without cash at the Eifeldorf Grüne Hölle and at all of the catering stands and attractions at the Nürburgring. It can also be used as a lap ticket for the Nordschleife, admission ticket for the ring°werk or the ring°kartbahn and even for the hotel room you’ve booked at the Nürburgring.

Fantastic advantages:

  • Make payments without cash in every area of the Nürburgring.
  • Free of charge and without any fees.
  • Shorter waiting times at all admission points and sales counters.
  • Hygienic advantages – food preparation and cash usage are separate.
  • Convenient top-ups or reimbursement of the remaining card balance at the ring°card counters, ring°card vending machines or at the info°center.
  • Complete control of your costs by personally choosing your credit amount (max. € 150).
  • In case of loss, the ring°card can be cancelled via the card number and the card balance is secure.
  • Credit loaded onto your card is valid for two years.
  • An ideal gift voucher with guaranteed fun.

Download: Flyer ring°card (PDF)

Download: GTC ring°card (PDF)


On your marks, get set, ring°card – here's how it works.


Ready to take advantage of the benefi ts of the ring°card ? You’re just three steps away from your goal:


Step 1:

Get your free ring°card and load money onto it with the assistance of our ring°card staff, at the vending machine stations or in the info°center.


Step 2:

Pay conveniently and quickly at all service points: simply place your ring°card on the card reader terminal until the light on the card reader turns green.


Step 3:

At the end of your visit, the remaining balance can be reimbursed at the ring°card counters, at the vending machine stations and in the info°center. Alternatively, you can also use it for your next visit (valid for two years).

Get there faster: tourist training laps on the Nordschleife

Tourist rides

At the ticket counters at the Nordschleife and Breitscheid entrances, you can buy a ring°card for one or more laps, or as a season ticket, and top it up any time. Season-ticket holders receive a free ring°card wristband to use as an access ID. To obtain access to the track, hold the card or wristband up to the
ring°card reader on the entrance column. The display will show the number of laps. Once the green light comes on, you can remove the card and the gate will open. 


More info: Tourist rides Nordschleife

Book lap tickets for tourist rides


Laps on the card stay valid until 31st December of the year in which they were purchased. The laps on the card cannot be redeemed.