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World record on two wheels: China’s Yue Han drives nonstop round the Nordschleife

20.832 kilometres, 73 corners and 300 metres difference in elevation – and all of that on two wheels: by driving round the Nordschleife on 3 November, the Chinese Yue Han set a world record with his Mini Cooper. In pursuit of adrenaline and fastest times, the Nürburgring is among the most spectacular race tracks in the world; and with the “Two Wheels Driving” record, the legendary “Green Hell” has now gained another highlight.

Yue Han started his drive at Döttinger Höhe, where he used a ramp to put his Mini on two wheels and went on to navigate the highly demanding track, which for many drivers is a great challenge even on four wheels. In doing so, the 46-year-old stunt driver mastered even the most difficult sections like Ex-Mühle and Wehrseifen, which experts had previously identified as key passages.  Cheered by the spectators, the factory driver of the Red Bull China team reached the finish line after 45:59.11 minutes – fulfilling his lifelong dream.

"The Green Hell has lived up to its name,“ Yue Han said afterwards. “It felt like I was dealing with all four seasons on the Nordschleife today. The wet track and the sunlight made for an even greater challenge.” Initially, the new world record holder had some problems with the water-cooled solid rubber tyre on the left front, which was under particular strain. “Now I’m just so happy,” the Chinese said. “A long-held dream has come true for me on the Nordschleife.”

Mirco Markfort, managing director at capricorn Nürburgring GmbH, was impressed as well: “We have been following the months of preparation towards the world record with great interest. We are very proud that Yue Han chose the Nordschleife, possibly the most difficult and demanding race track in the world, to set his record. On behalf of all Nürburgring staff members, I would like to congratulate him on his outstanding performance.”

This was not the first world record for the Chinese racing driver, who is also active in touring car and rally racing as well as in the Chinese drifting championship. 

Almost exactly two years ago, he “slid” his Mini Cooper between two parked cars, leaving only eight centimetres of space on both sides – this parking record remains unchallenged to this day.

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