ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race

Experience four days at full throttle around the legendary Nordschleife!

The legendary Nordschleife, spectacular racing cars and a 24-hour party: from 10 - 13 May 2018 the pilots in the ADAC Zurich 24-hour race will again be racing around the 25-kilometre long combination of Nordschleife and Grand Prix Circuit.

The ADAC Zurich 24-hour race again promises to be a race of superlatives in 2018 and for one day and one night push both men and machines to the limit. Where else can you experience a field of entrants with way over 200 vehicles driving at full speed for one whole day and night around the longest racetrack in the world!

Qualifying Race 24h

24 hours of thrills!
Thousands of fans celebrate an unique motorsport party around the longest and most beautiful racetrack in the world


Schedule 2018

VIP tickets from € 499,- p. p.

As a VIP guestyou can feel the heartbeat of the race – watch the race progress first hand, experience exciting pit stops and witness adventurous overtaking manoeuvreson the start-finish straight. With the all-round VIP service including catering the weekend will become perfect!

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Spectators’ areas for 24h race

Where are the best seats and spectator locations at the ADAC Zurich 24h race? Where can I camp? Where do day visitors park? An overview:




Photo gallery 2016/2017

Impressionen 24h-Rennen 2017

Impressionen 24h-Rennen 2016 | Samstag

Impressionen 24h-Rennen 2016 | Fans

Impressionen 24h-Rennen 2016 | Freitag

Impressionen 24h-Rennen 2016 | Donnerstag