Sports Driver trainings

The Nürburgring proves time and again that it is a real driver’s circuit. Learn from our experts how to master this unique challenge. The Sports Driver Training Nordschleife takes place on one of the most beautiful and demanding race tracks in the world. Several sports car makers have their drivers attend the Nürburgring Driving Academy Sports Driver Training, which is proof of the training quality. Visit the Nürburgring and see for yourself!

Grand-Prix track

Grand-Prix track
from € 795.- p. p.

The experienced instructors teach you each curve, tips, all the rules - and bring you to the racing line ...

Night Session

Night Session
€ 895.- p. p.

The experienced instructors teach you how to improve your drivings skills on the Grand Prix track at night ...

Nordschleife XL

Nordschleife XL
from € 1,095.- p. p.

Become an expert in the Green Hell

Improve your driving skills on the hardest race track in the world ...



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