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All Info on the Easter Tourist Drives

The contactless tourist rides can also take place on the Easter weekend. The basis for this was once again confirmed in a conversation between the Nürburgring and the public order office of the Ahrweiler district administration and the Mayen police department. While the active tourist drivers are allowed to do their laps, the principle of "stay at home" still applies to everyone else. Especially on the so-called "Carfriday" (Good Friday), which is considered the start of the season for the tuning scene. All over Germany, vehicle tuners come together on this holiday. The Nürburgring has also been a meeting place time and again in recent years - regardless of the tourist drives on offer. These meetings are to be omitted this year due to the Corona pandemic. Those responsible are relying on the personal responsibility of each individual and also on extensive measures. The car parks around the Nordschleife will remain closed. In addition, significantly more Nürburgring stewards, as well as staff from the public order office and the police, will be on duty. This is to prevent unauthorised gatherings.


"As a destination for excursions, the Nürburgring, like all other tourist attractions, is of course particularly popular during the holidays. What happens around the track is not necessarily caused by what happens on the track. We were able to observe this only this winter, when the crowds were also very large here and tobogganing was going on everywhere," explains Nürburgring Managing Director Mirco Markfort. "With the opening of the Nordschleife and Grand Prix circuit for tourist rides and the many stewards deployed as a result, we can actively do our part to control visitors."


United in action: 60 stewards, "mobile squad", additional police forces
As an experienced event location, the Nürburgring does not leave events to chance. That's why everything should be well prepared for the Easter weekend. In addition to the staff needed to run the tourist drives, the Nürburgring will deploy 60 stewards around the track. They will control various areas such as the open Grand Prix paddock, which is considered a rest zone for the tourist drivers. In addition, special attention will be paid to areas that are hotspots in normal years and will therefore be closed this year. These include all the car parks around the Nordschleife - including the otherwise so popular "Brünnchen". There will be increased controls here. Around the race track, the Nürburgring insists on the wearing of a mouth-nose covering. In addition, several units of the Nürburgring's "mobile squad" are on the road. These specially trained stewards take care of conflict issues and support their colleagues when needed. In addition, loudspeaker vehicles keep an eye on the traffic situation and help to control it. In addition, the police will be present on site with a considerable number of additional forces and will consistently punish traffic violations as well as violations of the 18th CoBeLVO.


Central message: "Stay at home"
Even if the Nürburgring opens as part of the contactless tourist drives, the central message to all those who do not take advantage of the offer remains: "Stay at home". "Personal responsibility and understanding of the current situation is still the most effective way to prevent accumulations. This is the order of the day and applies everywhere in the world - including here," says Markfort. In this context, the Managing Director also draws attention to the economic importance of every offer at the Nürburgring: "The tourist drives contribute a part to our company - and thus this race track steeped in history - getting through the crisis. This is also true for many companies and people in the region who participate in it. That is why we are grateful to everyone who supports us in their own way. Whether it's taking part in the tourist drives or just understanding that things have to run differently than usual at the moment and that you won't be coming to the Nürburgring this year for the time being."


The Nürburgring, which offers tourist rides all year round, opens at Easter at the following times - credit for the tourist rides can only be purchased online:


Good Friday 10am - 7pm
Easter Saturday 09 - 19 hrs
Easter Sunday 09 - 19 h
Easter Monday 09 - 19 hrs


Grand Prix circuit
Good Friday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Easter Saturday 09 - 20 h
Easter Sunday 09 - 20 h
Easter Monday 09 - 20 h


All dates and information on the tourist rides can be found at:


Briefly explained: Concept of contactless tourist drives:
Since 2020, "contactless tourist rides" have been available due to the Corona pandemic. Credit is only available online. On site, access to the route is via QR code or card. It is forbidden to get out of the car at the entrance to the Nordschleife. The second access road in the Adenau district of Breidscheid is closed. On the respective "recreation areas" offered for tourist drivers, the distance requirement and a general mask obligation apply. A maximum of two persons per vehicle are allowed to drive on the route, and they must have already arrived together.


In case of emergencies and problems, a clearing station will be manned in the car park opposite the Nordschleife access road. Additional stewards will be on hand around the track to ensure compliance with the rules.


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