Offroad Experience

Offroad Experience Nürburgring

Get away from everyday life and enjoy freedom and adventure.

Off the main road you can explore the extensive and completely redesigned terrain of the Nürburgring Offroadpark. You’ll feel like a participant in an off road
trophy run and you’ll discover that there are no obstacles, only challenges.

A visit to the Offroadpark is only possible with a participation in a private or corporate training.


Quad Offroad | Nürburgring

Quad Offroad Experience
€ 159.- per person

Now we’re getting down and dirty! Pull off your tie, kick off your high heels and throw yourself into the adventure! Leave everyday life behind you ... [more]

Quad Offroad Experience

Off-Road Level 2 | Nürburgring

Off-Road advanced
from € 259.- per person

Have you always wanted to have a go at off-road driving? If so, then discover your skills at a half-day training course in the off-road park of ... [more »]

Off-Road advanced

Offroadpark | Nürburgring

Offroadpark Nürburgring
The terrain

Off the asphalt, but in close proximity to the legendary race track you can find the 80.000 m² remodeled complex of the Offroadpark Nürbrugring ... [more »]

Offroadpark Nürburgring

Off-Road Level 1 | Nürburgring

Off-Road basic training
from € 159.- per person

Discover driving in its purest form – away from the streets with plenty of action and excitement. After an introduction ... [more »]

Off-Road basic training

SUV Experience | Nürburgring

SUV Experience
€ 259.- per person

Offroad- aside the paved, public roads. How does the four-wheel drive system work on different grounds? Which driving system is used under what condition? ... [more »]

SUV Experience

Offroad Experience | Driving programs

Driving programs and events in the Offroadpark

Send your employees into an offroad adventure ...

A colourful assortment of different driving exercises and offroad vehicles allow you and your team to enjoy hours of unrivalled action in the completely new and modern Nürburgring Offroadpark. Experience a day packed with adventure!


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