Experiences for racing fans and the whole family

The Nürburgring - in particular the Nordschleife - is legendary as a race track. It does not always need a long weekend trip to experience the perfect Nürburgring adventure: spontaneous day trips for the whole family guarantee adrenaline and goosepimples too. With the high density of experiences even one day offers you exciting memories ... for weeks!


€ 9.90 per person

The motorsports museum at the Nürburgring


Historical racing cars, action a plenty in the simulators and rides, a wealth of expertise on motors and mobility and the fascination of the Green Hell ...



Racing feeling for all ages

Kart racing at the Nürburgring


Follow in the tracks of famous racing car drivers on the 400-meter indoor karting track at the Nürburgring ...


Backstage Tour

Backstage Tour
€ 7.50 per person

Experience Nürburgring up close


Become a Nürburgring insider and have a look behind the scenes of the legendary Nürburgring ...



Daily – many movies in 3D

The cinema at the Nürburgring


With one of the largest 3D-capable cinema screens in the region, comfortable seatings and extra legroom ...


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