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The fastest co-pilot ride of your life

Are you ready for a trip through the Green Hell? Experience as a co-pilot in the Mercedes-AMG GT R, the Beast of the Green Hell, at the side of a professional race driver, the most breathtaking racetrack – the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. Sit back, for now you will experience pure adrenaline. Of as much as 585 horsepower in the seat pressed it means for you from now on only: Hold on and wonder. Experience perhaps the most exciting lap of your life when you learn what it means to hunt over the track in racing style. 

You have gasoline in your blood and are a true motor sports fan? Well then let's go! Get your pilots push through the gas for you and get on your way on the Nordschleife with your race taxi.

AMG Co-pilot Nordschleife

AMG Co-pilot Nordschleife

A hell ride with fun factor: € 295.- p.p.
Experience from now on perhaps the most exciting lap of your life when you learn what it means to hunt racing style on track ... [co-pilot Nordschleife »]



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