24.02. – 25.02.2024

The DISNEY CHANNEL MITMACH-KINO promises a great movie experience for all visitors with interactive puzzles and movement games. 

"Cinema means lights out, silence and sitting still? Not at DISNEY CHANNEL MITMACH-KINO! Here, children can sing, dance, clap and puzzle along loudly for an hour - anything but be quiet! 
On the big screen, Mickey Mouse, as the animated host, guides moviegoers through the colourful program, which is aimed at the youngest audience members of pre-school age and offers approx. 60 minutes of hands-on cinema suitable for children: 

Join in the excitement: never-before-seen episodes of Spidey and his Super Friends, Bluey, Mickey Mouse: Playhouse and SuperKitties.
Dance along: Music videos invite you to dance and sing along and provide movement between episodes. 
Guess along: Little visitors can put their guessing skills to the test in small guessing games based around the Disney Channel pre-school series. 

The DISNEY CHANNEL MITMACH-KINO on February 24 and 25 is great cinema fun for everyone with admission starting at 5 euros.