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Welcome to the region around Rhine and Moselle


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It's hard to believe that 200 castles and palaces, six wine regions, charming medieval towns and a landscape of breathtaking natural beauty are just two hours away. The far west of Germany, close to Belgium, Luxembourg and France, is heaven for culture lovers, wine fans and holidaymakers with energy to spare.


Nine is our lucky number. There are nine wonderful regions to visit in Rhineland-Palatinate, each one a fascinating and uniquely beautiful part of the state, ranging from the healthy pleasures of the Ahr Valley and the fresh, verdant Westerwald forest to the wine-lovers' paradise of the Moselle region, with plenty of unspoilt scenery on either side of the twisting river. The Eifel with its volcanic history is to the north, and the densely wooded Hunsrück hills lie to the south. Glittering gemstones and warm mineral springs can be found in the Nahe region, whilst Rheinhessen has a Mediterranean feel. Wonderful wine is all around here. The Palatinate is the state's "garden", its wines, vegetables and stunning scenery reminiscent of Tuscany. The amazing Rhine region is characterised by vineyards, quaint mediaeval towns, castles and palaces.


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Welcome to wineland

Nowhere else in Germany are so many top-quality winegrowing regions so close together, making a tour here a veritable viticultural journey. The six scenic wine regions in Rhineland-Palatinate produce 70 per cent of German wine. From the hillside vineyards along the Moselle, Rhine, Ahr and Nahe, through hilly Rheinhessen to the open plains of the Palatinate, the outstanding winegrowing areas delight with their award-winning wines.


Wonderful walking country

It’s hard to get lost in Rhineland-Palatinate. Quality-assured trails and standardised signposting ensure that you can relax and enjoy the scenery. And there's no shortage of spectacular views. The Hunsrück, Westerwald and Eifel Hills abound with extinct volcanoes, dense woodland, peat bogs, abbeys and crater lakes. Footpaths along the river valleys, such as the spectacular Rheinsteig Trail, take you through vineyards, down to the river, back up to castles and stately homes and through numerous ravines.


Castles & the romance of the Rhine

Medieval castles and ruins conjure up images of knights of old. Eltz Castle and the imperial castle overlooking the village of Cochem on the Moselle are striking examples. Stolzenfels Castle near Koblenz is considered the epitome of Rhine Romanticism. The best way to admire the castles of the Rhine valley is from a riverboat. A castle appears as you round every bend in the river. Together with winemaking villages, steep vineyards and the craggy Loreley Rock, these are the quintessential attractions of the Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO world heritage site.


Bike tours for all

There's something for every cyclist, from a leisurely pedal through the vineyards and along the river banks to steep climbs and breakneck descents in the hills. Whichever carefully planned and marked cycle route you choose, idyllic scenery and welcoming accommodation is guaranteed. Take your time to explore the countless castles, stately homes and pretty villages along the way. There are plenty of opportunities to dismount and take a riverboat along the Rhine or the Moselle, or board a local train which will take your bike for free.


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