Camping am Nürburgring


Camping am Nürburgring

Campingsites - Nürburgring

During a lot of the events, we turn our car parks into campsites to make sure there is accommodation for all visitors.
Whether and which areas are made available will be announced shortly beforehand together with the information about the events. This in particular applies to the following events:

Camping prices*

Overnight stays:

Camping price:

6 nights

€ 67.-

5 nights

€ 57.-

4 nights

€ 47.-

3 nights

€ 37.-

2 nights

€ 27.-

1 night

€ 17.-

Large vehicles

€ 50.-

Garbage deposit**

€ 10.- per vehicle

Deposit will be refunded when you return the filled waste bags including the garbage deposit card.

Refrigerator deposit**

€ 40.- per refrigerator

At the entrance to the campground a deposit for refrigerators, freezers, etc. is due, which will be refunded when you return home.

Please note that in addition to the listed campring rates (price per person) a parking fee (price per vehicle) will be charged.

Vehicles and its trailers count as one unit.

Children up to 12 years camp for free!

* Rates per person. Valid for the events ADAC TOTAL 24h race, ADAC QUalification Race 24h Race, DTM, ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix, AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix.
** Applies only to ADAC TOTAL 24h race.


Camping Regulations

Campingsite "Camping at the Nürburgring" - Müllenbach

A campsite oasis on 300,000 sqm directly by the Grand Prix track. Combine a romantic campfire atmosphere and adventure with modern comforts. Or why not celebrate in the marquee of our EventCenter, with live music, a big screen and a separate area for your own individual occasion. We not only offer 24-hour service, but also full catering services. Everything you need for a pleasant and eventful stay.


Camping at the Nürburgring



Eifel-Camp - Blankenheim-Freilingen

The Eifel-Camp offers the basis for a nice and unforgettable time in the Eifel. The camp site, which is surrounded by a magnificent wood and mountain scenery is located close to Lake Freilingen. The 5-graded* camp site is opened all-the-year and is an ideal starting point for diversified trips and excursions into nature and into the surrounding area. COMFORT and SERVICE have top priority in the Eifel-Camp. The Eifel-Camp team would be delighted to welcome you.




*by DTV Certification


Campingplatz Stahlhütte

The Campingplatz Stahlhütte is a contracting partner of the European camping association. He offers a calm place for families with more than 200 camping spaces, its own restaurant and beer garden and a club area. In addition to that they offer a campinggas station as well as a moden sanitary building. The water provision and power supply is ensured.


Campingplatz Stahlhütte