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Contract for eleven events through 2023: Nürburgring und ADAC move into the future together

Eleven in one sweep. What sounds similar to a quote from a popular fairy tale is in fact good news for motorsport fans: The ADAC and the Nürburgring have extended their contract through 2023, setting the course for the future for as many as eleven events. Visitors can thus continue to look forward to the events the German automobile club ADAC organises in the Green Hell. These include, among others, the ADAC 24-Hour Race and the ADAC Truck Grand Prix.


“The ADAC is an important and reliable partner for us, especially as the organiser of its many events at our race track,” explained Nürburgring managing director Mirco Markfort at a joint meeting with Mirco Hansen, head of sports and local club coordination at ADAC Nordrhein e.V., and Franz-Rudolf Ubach, board member sports at ADAC Mittelrhein e.V. “The contract extension through 2023 provides all those involved with more long-term planning security as well as an opportunity for strategic further development.”


ADAC 24-Hour Race and Nürburgring are inextricably linked

The ADAC regional associations and their active local clubs are the operators and sporting organisers of a total of eleven events. Of course, these also include the world-famous ADAC 24-Hour Race. “For us and for the fans, event and race track are inextricably linked. Each benefits from the other. The 24-Hour Race attracted 210,000 visitors to the Nürburgring this year. At the same time, the unique nature of the Nürburgring is the key feature of the race. A real win-win situation,” says Mirco Hansen. Every year, the famous race with its gigantic number of starters and the incomparable atmosphere around the Nordschleife is the undisputed highlight for motorsport fans. It is for the fans that the organiser wants to further develop the event also in future, stresses Walter Hornung, race director of the endurance classic and board member sports at ADAC Nordrhein. “The 24-Hour Race and the framework programme with all its activities and offers are what make up the overall experience for visitors. Year after year, we work on offering breathtaking motorsport as well as on further adding to the experience.”


Genuine crowd-pullers: ADAC GT Masters and ADAC Truck Grand Prix

The further development of the events is the focus also at ADAC Westfalen e.V. – successfully so.  The ADAC GT Masters recorded an increase in spectator numbers by more than 30 percent already this year. “We see extremely exciting and balanced competition in this racing series in particular. This excitement was especially well received by spectators,” says Jürgen Hieke, board member sports at ADAC Westfalen e.V. “We are happy that we can continue the positive development of this event also in 2019 by adding the GT4 Germany to the framework programme for the first time.”


The situation is similar with the popular ADAC Truck Grand Prix, even though it features entirely different vehicles. Year after year, it wows the fans with XXL motorsport, a varied and open drivers’ paddock as well as the associated music festival. Variety and family-friendliness are true core features of this event. “The Truck Grand Prix stands for action-packed motorsport where the exchange of paints is simply part of the fight for positions. Of course, this makes for impressive scenes. At the same time, it is also an atmospheric festival for truckers, families and country fans,” says Franz-Rudolf Ubach of ADAC Mittelrhein, describing the unique atmosphere. The ADAC regional club is not only in charge of the truck spectacle but also the SimRacing Expo. The event, which is all about virtual motorsports, debuted at the ring°boulevard in 2014 and has seen continuous development ever since. For Marc Hennerici, the mind behind the event and managing director of ADAC Travel & Event Mittelrhein GmbH, this development is a success of the many people involved: “The fact that this event has become such a success is also thanks to our partners who backed this development. One of them is the Nürburgring, which supported the SimRacing Expo from the start and offers the perfect infrastructure for visitors, exhibitors and virtual motorsport competitions with the ring°boulevard and the ring°arena.”


From amateur to professional sports – ADAC has it all

While the participants of the ADAC SimRacing Expo compete on simulators, the real race track just outside is where the cars of the Blancpain GT Series race each other on the same weekend. Visitors eager to see the heroes of racing history, meanwhile, can look forward to the ADAC Westfalen Trophy, the Nürburgring Classic, the RGB season finale and the Kölner Kurs race. This last event brings to life the motorbikes of racing history. When it comes to promoting motorsport and amateur sports, the RCN Circuit Challenge Nürburgring with its regularity test (GLP) is a fixed part of the 2019 racing calendar. With a total of eleven events, the ADAC is an integral partner of the race track and also guarantees an attractive and varied programme.

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