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Tourist rides 2018: Stable prices meet well-tried system

It is the impressive figures that illustrate the unique appeal of the Nordschleife straight away: 73 corners, 300 metres difference in elevation, 17 percent gradients. All of this can be experienced on a lap of 20.832 kilometres as part of our tourist rides. During the winter months, the yearning for the start of the 2018 season and the “Tourist ride” experience is growing. And there is news that is bound to further increase the anticipation among fans of the Green Hell.  Because the Nürburgring guarantees: “Our tourist rides will be available at unchanged prices in 2018!”


Tourist rides

For the first time in 2017, flexible rates were introduced for rides on weekdays and on weekends and holidays, respectively. During business hours Monday through Thursday, one lap on the Nordschleife cost EUR 25. Friday through Sunday and on holidays, driving fun in the “Green Hell” was available for EUR 30 per lap. One stint on the Grand Prix track (15 minutes) continued to cost EUR 29. This will remain unchanged in 2018, explains Nürburgring managing director Mirco Markfort: “There will definitely be no price increase. We are happy that we are able to offer all tourist drivers the opportunity to experience the unique ride through the Green Hell at unchanged conditions in 2018!” This not only applies to the lap rates but also to the season ticket, whose price also remains unchanged at EUR 1,900.

Online portal provides service and all information at a glance

The “Green Hell Driving Portal“, which was introduced together with the changes mentioned above at the start of the 2017 season, will remain a successful part of the tourist ride experience also in the future. Following a one-time registration on, users can book rides comfortably and at any time via the web application or the app. What is more, drivers can not only keep an eye on their credit at all times but also obtain additional information through the system, such as the number of vehicles currently on track, track news and weather conditions.

There is also a practical side effect for frequent drivers: the more credit is added, the more bonus points are credited to one’s account. Special discounts will be offered during the Christmas season through 18 December 2017.


Picture: Nürburgring / Stefan Baldauf