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Unique: These are the motorsport adventures 2021

Feel like a real racing driver and learn the tips and tricks from experienced professionals. This is made possible by the Nürburgring's motorsport offers, the dates of which have now been announced. Those who want to can race around the circuit in a real Formula car, learn the ideal line of the world-famous Green Hell or put their driving skills to the test in the off-road terrain. Always on board: the motto "safety first", a good dose of adrenalin and a memory for life. In times of Corona, the health of all participants is always the focus of the offers - from registration to departure. The experiences with the motorsport professionals of the Nürburgring Driving Academy can be booked at

More Information and all dates
If you want to experience speed and G-forces on your own body, you don't necessarily have to take the wheel yourself at the Nürburgring. On the Nordschleife, the experience is also available in the passenger seat of the Mercedes-AMG GT R, the "Beast of the Green Hell". The so-called co-pilot drives take place as part of the tourist drives. At the wheel, an experienced pilot ensures an impressive drive.


With the other offers, however, it's time to get behind the wheel. This also applies to the challenging off-road rides. Courage and skill are required on a quad bike, SUV or off-road vehicle. It's not about speed here, but about the targeted driving on versatile surfaces and courses. The formula training courses, on the other hand, convey real racing driver feelings. While beginners can gain their first experience with the Formula Racing Starter course, the more advanced offers provide ever deeper insights into the art of racing. With the Formula Racing Professional, even a racing licence can be acquired.


Sport driver training - the offer for ambitious drivers.
With your own vehicle, you can learn the racing lines of the Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife as part of the sports driver trainings. Experienced drivers teach the correct acceleration, braking and turn-in points. This takes place in different groups depending on the ability and experience of the participants - from beginners to experienced sports drivers.


Theory only online, one participant per vehicle
In times of Corona, the concept of the driving offers provides for the booking process for the fixed dates to be offered exclusively online. The same applies to the theoretical instruction, which otherwise takes place on site during the training sessions. Each participant completes this from home via e-learning. All instructions, which have to take place at the vehicle and on the race track, are carried out in compliance with the distance rule and hygiene measures. Communication with the participants, each of whom sits alone in the vehicle, takes place by radio while driving. In addition, everyone wears a hygiene bonnet under their helmet, which also serves as a mouth and nose protector.


Special measures at Nürburgring formula and off-road trainings
In contrast to training courses where the participants drive their own vehicles, formula and off-road training courses require additional measures to protect against infection. This includes disinfecting the cockpit of the vehicles after each participant. Protective clothing provided for the course, such as helmets, hygiene bonnets or racing suits and gloves, are also professionally cleaned afterwards. "Of course, we can think conscientiously about all the organisational requirements - but one of the most important factors is also the participants themselves. Everyone has a special responsibility in this situation - to themselves and to others. In addition to following the rules, this also means staying at home if you feel ill," says Nürburgring Managing Director Mirco Markfort. People who nevertheless arrive with corresponding symptoms of illness will be excluded from participation according to the rules of the concept.


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