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First time on the Nordschleife: Nürburgring continues to invest in digitalisation

For the first time, a section of the Nürburgring Nordschleife is getting a digital infrastructure. The Döttinger Höhe will be equipped with cameras, display systems and intelligent software over a length of 2.7 kilometres. The construction measure connects the track, which was opened in 1927, with the modern infrastructure of the Grand Prix circuit and the new Racecontrol. The new technology will already be in use in the upcoming season.
Construction work at the Nürburgring. Not an unusual sight at this time of year on the world's longest permanent racetrack: construction vehicles are regularly on the track in winter - for example when the asphalt is being renewed. But this year, instead of the usual pavers or road rollers, an oversized plough is on the road at the Nürburgring.With its help, the skilled workers there are laying several kilometres of empty pipes into which lines and cables can later be inserted.

"Digital Marshalling" brings flag signals directly into the car
In 2021, the Nürburgring will now test different systems here. Numerous cameras will bring the image directly to the new race control system. New software with artificial intelligence will help to recognise dangers more quickly. In addition, the so-called "digital marshalling" is to be further expanded. With digital display panels, which also show flag signals, the officials can control what is happening on the track. In addition, the signals and important information are shown directly to the driver on the display in the cockpit. An important part of the measure on the Döttinger Höhe is also the test of different possibilities for the power supply of the entire system.
The entire test run should also lead to conclusions as to what requirements the digitalisation of further sections of the Nordschleife would entail. With its length and topography, the most demanding race track in the world brings with it special requirements. There are countless square kilometres of forest, a hilly landscape and a track layout with many curves, steep inclines and declines. The things that have made the Nürburgring so world-famous would make the power supply and data processing and transmission in particular a major task.
In just under four weeks, the work on the Döttinger Höhe should be completed. After all, the first contactless tourist rides of 2021 await on the first weekend in March.