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Nürburgring driving trainings take place again

The sound of the engines is gradually returning to the Green Hell. After the successful start of the contactless tourist drives a few days ago, the next good news now follows: Various motorsport trainings, which are carried out under the supervision of professional instructors, may now take place again. Accordingly, various offers are being carried out on the Grand Prix circuit, the famous Nordschleife and in the Offroadpark. This includes dates for "free driving", trainings for sports drivers and courses with formula and off-road vehicles. Separate hygiene measures and rules apply to the participants.
"Contactless" - the word under which every concept is currently being developed at the Nürburgring stands for one thing above all: for the safe implementation of motor sport activities taking into account of the health of everyone involved. All components of an offer are checked for this. From registration and participation to arrival and departure. “We scrutinize the entire process of a participant in detail in order to be able to reliably identify and clarify possible contact situations. In addition to the security standards –that are already high in our offers in general – this is a top priority”, says Michael Dürbaum, Head of Sales & Business Development at the Nürburgring.
Theory only online, one participant per vehicle
The concept provides that the booking process for a limited number of participants and only for fixed dates is only offered online. The same applies to the theoretical briefing that usually takes place as part of the on-site training. Each participant now completes it from home via e-learning. All instructions that must take place on the vehicle and on the racetrack are carried out in compliance with the distance rules and hygiene measures. Communication with the participants, each of whom is sitting alone in the vehicle, takes place by Radio during the driving. In addition, everyone wears a balaclava under the helmet, which also serves as mouth and nose protection.
Special measures for Nürburgring formula and off-road training
In contrast to training courses, which participants take out with their own vehicle, further measures have to be taken during formula and off-road trainings. The cockpits of the vehicles will be disinfected after each participant. Protective clothing provided for the course, such as a helmet, balaclava or racing suits and gloves, is also professionally cleaned afterwards. “Of course it is a huge effort, with which we now have to adjust the offers and comply with the rules, but it is much more important that something can now happen again. This is a step in the right direction - we are now looking ahead and are looking forward to the implementation”, says Dürbaum. At the same time he demands the help of every participant: „Of course, we can think carefully about all organizational requirements - but one of the most important factors is still the participant himself. Everyone has a special responsibility in this situation - for himself and towards others. In addition to complying with the rules, this also means that you stay at home when you feel sick. Persons who still arrive with respective symptoms are excluded from participating according to the rules of the concept.
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