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Endurance Double Header: Victories for Mercedes and (not) Ferrari

It was the weekend of premieres at the Nürburgring. For the first time in its history, the Nürburgring Endurance Series started with two races on one weekend. In addition, on Saturday and Sunday, one team each took its first victory in the racing series. The drivers and members of the Mercedes-AMG Team HRT and only one day later those of the Ferrari Team "Octane 126" were able to cheer. But with the Ferrari the joy lasted only a few hours. The team was disqualified during the night.

Hubert Haupt's Mercedes-AMG team put its stamp on the first race of the weekend. Maro Engel, Manuel Metzger, Adam Christodoulou and Luca Stolz won the 60th ADAC Reinoldus endurance race with a lead of 34.244 seconds ahead of Walkenhorst Motorsport's BMW M6 GT3. Starting from third position, starting driver Stolz pushed himself to the front of the field in the first lap. In total, the HRT quartet led the field for 18 of 28 laps.

The first double event of the Nürburgring Endurance Series came to a crowning conclusion one day later. The competitors gave a benevolent applause when Björn Grossmann did his lap of honour on Sunday through the "Corona pit lane" set up in the paddock. Together with Simon Trummer, Jonathan Hirschi and Luca Ludwig, Grossmann celebrated the first major success of Team Octane 126 in the NLS and the third Ferrari victory in the history of the tradition-rich series. With a razor-thin lead of just 0.782 seconds, the Italian super sportscar finished ahead of the previous day's winners. A little later came the disillusionment: The Ferrari 488 GT3 was disqualified. During the technical post-examination of the vehicle, it was found that one of the tyres did not comply with the DMSB regulations for the sample tyre procedure. "On the vehicle with starting number 26, a tyre with a designated specification was used at the rear left, which was not included in the Box1 list by the manufacturer", the written explanation of the sports commissioners states. Due to this decission the following teams are moving up, so that subject to a possible appeal by Octane 126, the HRT Mercedes-AMG GT3 and previous day's winner is also the winner of the second race of the weekend. It would be the double victory in the double header.


Volker Strycek has written history
There was a special change of leadership on Saturday in the eternal statistics of NLS class victories since 1977: Volker Strycek triumphed twice in the race and thus pushed Nordschleife veteran Johannes Scheid from the throne, who looks back on 131 class victories. "I'm really happy," said Strycek after the race. "Johannes was already waiting at the pits when I came in after the race and congratulated me. That's true greatness among motor sportsmen." Scheid said about his long-time comrade-in-arms Strycek: "I begrudge Volker the success with all my heart and can't imagine a better one to inherit the top spot." Strycek won the OPC class together with his children Lena and Robin. He also triumphed alongside Olaf Beckmann and Peter Hass with the Opel Manta in the H2 class.