Partner des Nürburgrings

Sections of the track


Pit lane

The pit lane at the Nürburgring. This is where the race teams are based during the events. Where driver's come in to refuel, change tyres or for repairs. The pits lane is used for all events on the Grand-Prix circuit or events that are held on both race circuits (GP circuit + Nordschleife in combination).

Start- und Zielgerade

Start/finish straight

This is where the laps begin and end. The beginning of the start/finish straight is the highest point on the circuit at 627.75 metres amsl.



The Yokohama-S is a combination of bends on the Grand-Prix circuit that is used for the 24h race. Following the start/finish straight, the cars brake from high speeds before entering this section.



The Mercedes-Arena is the trickiest part of the Grand-Prix circuit. Finding the ideal line is always a critical undertaking.

Kurzanbindung / Rundkurs 2

Circuit 2

This is where the circuits differ. If "Circuit 2" is in use (e.g. DTM), the vehicles turn right through the short connecting section. If the complete Grand-Prix circuit is used they continue straight ahead.

Müllenbachschleife / Rundkurs 3

Dunlop hairpin bend | Circuit 3 (Müllenbach loop)

The Dunlop hairpin bend in the Müllenbach loop is the lowest point on the circuit. It can either be used as part of the Grand-Prix circuit or on its own. The short connecting section for the circuit is also called "Little Monaco" on account of the narrow route between the crash barriers.



A quick combination of left-right bends named after the German record world champion Michael Schumacher. It was given its name in 2007.


Ravenol bend

The tight left turn after the long acceleration part from the Müllenbachschleife and the high-speed combination of the Michael-Schumacher-S requires a hard braking maneuver. Here the later winner of the 24h race 2016 overtook the until then leader in the last lap.

Bend no. 12


The BILSTEIN bend is the starting point for the fastest section of the Grand-Prix circuit. Drivers try to find the optimum line heading into the top-speed passage.


ADVAN arch

The Advan arch is a top-speed right-hand bend – the fastest bend on the Grand-Prix circuit. Drivers reach their top speed shortly after this.


Veedol chicane

The chicane after the ADVAN arch can be used in two different ways. The narrow, more angular layout or the wider, more flowing "Motorcycle variation" that is also used for the 24h race.

Hyundai N Corner

Hyundai N Corner

The Hyundai N Corner is the last one before crossing the start/finish line. Drivers who want to make a stop in the pits can turn off in front of the bend. If the combination of both circuits is used the racing cars turn left here onto the 20.8 kilometre long Nordschleife.