Be a role model!

Be a role model!

With this message, the Nürburgring is launching a campaign for greater safety and compliance with rules in road traffic.
The initiative is supported by the VLN Endurance Championship as well as drivers and officials active in the racing series. In a first step, the successful veteran team managers Olaf Manthey and Johannes Scheid, racing driver Sabine Schmitz as well as her male colleagues Philipp Eng, Tim Schrick and Adam Christodoulou will be featured in the distinctive images.
True to the motto “Together we are strong”, the race track aims to call on racing professionals and fans as well as visitors of the Nürburgring and the region to be a role model also on public roads.
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For mutual consideration in road traffic

Johannes Scheid
Philipp Eng
Tim Schrick
Olaf Manthey