Meilensteine Nürburgring

The new Millenium

Poster for the  AvD 1.000 km-race on the 9th July 2000 at the Nürburgring
Poster for the AvD 1.000 km-race on the 9th July 2000 at the Nürburgring

The new millenium continues the full speed course


The old start/finish house, the old box building and the Conti tower were torn down in 2000. By the time of the European Grand Prix in 2001, three additional super VIP lounges were created instead and a state of the art start/finish house. The new FUJI digital Media Center with ultramodern technology offers journalists and photographers the perfect work environment in a space more than 1,650 m2. Once a racetrack, now its own brand, with a recognition factor in and around Germany of more than 90 percent. These days, it is not just the fans of top class motor sports events that fully enjoy what Nürburgring has to offer. The mix of events offered at Nürburgring annually consists of more than 300 racing sports, recreational and incentive events for fun and edutainment for a diverse range of visitors and groups of varying interests.


Future racecar champions are provided training at the Zakspeed Nürburgring Racing School, while future "improved drivers" are trained at the driver safety center. Driving the "Green Hell" using your own vehicle is an adventure for any generation. And speaking of green: Once again, Nürburg was given the 2005 award as a climatic spa for the umpteenth time. A variety of bicycle tours and hiking trails offered in the surrounding area of the race track offer sport and fun for any age and allow the visitors to relive the Eifel's past first hand. One look at the number of visitors shows that the commitment has been worth it: Today, Nürburgring is one of Germany's most appealing facilities for sports and recreational fun. Close to two million people visit the numerous events on offer or take advantage of the numerous recreational opportunities involving the Nürburgring. 

Nürburgring 2009 - extension into a recreational and business center


In the end, the number of events being offered will grow over the next few years and Nürburgring is to be expanded to become one of the leading recreational and business centers of all with the project called "Nürburgring 2009".

Along with various models, such as a large indoor attraction, a motor sports village, a new hotel and brand name world for the automotive industry and automotive suppliers, an approx. 4,000 mspace is in the works. To be located directly on the so-called Boulevard, the main axis of "Nürburgring 2009", this arena will be an important platform for spectator events such as motocross events, indoor trials and even concerts. 4,500 roofed seats and a direct connection to yet another event hall, also containing 4,000 m2 of open space, offer opportunities to realize a wide variety of events.


Located directly at the start and finish lines will be a state of the art roofed business grandstand with seating for 5,000 after the main grandstand is torn down. At the upper level, the business grandstand will house a lounge area for up to 600 people, in which both hospitality as well as VIP arrangements during large events plus tailored incentives will be implemented. Construction is due to begin in the fall of 2007. The grand opening of "Nürburgring 2009" was celebrated in July 2009. 


The new millenium