Meilensteine Nürburgring

1970's and 1980's

Poste for the 24h race on the 25th June 1972 at the Nürburgring.
Poste for the 24h race on the 25th June 1972 at the Nürburgring.

End to terror, beginning with Grand Prix


Executives of Nürburgring dished out 17 million German marks for modification measures to the track. The circuit was equipped with shoulders, fences and guardrails. And 1971 welcomed back another Grand Prix. More than 130,000 spectators were in jubilation for the winner Jackie Stewart. However, the Nordschleife remained a very demanding challenge for the drivers and continues to be a subject of debate. 


When Niki Lauda suffered a severe accident on August 1, 1976, the Northern Loop was shut down. Once again, Nürburgring lost its Formula 1 permit. On McLaron Ford, the British driver James Hunt won the last Formula 1 race held on the Nordschleife. The Supervisory Board then made a unanimous decision to build a brand new, shorter and more modern racetrack. After rounds of tough negotiations, and not least thanks to the initiative "Save Nürburgring", the minister president of Rhineland Palatinate Dr. Bernhard Vogel initiated the groundbreaking ceremony on November 30, 1981. Three years later, on May 12, 1984, the new track, 4,542 kilometers in length, celebrated its grand opening with a huge opening program that included shows and motor sports. And on October 7, 1984, the first Formula 1 Race was held on the new racetrack. The winner: Alain Prost.

Der Nürburgring, 1978

Prospekt über den Nürburgring (1978)


Informationsbroschüre zum Nürburgring
"50 Jahre Nürburgring - Die Geschichte einer Rennstrecke"



Sporthotel "Tribüne"

Hausprospekt des Sporthotels "Tribüne" (70er - 80er Jahre)




Der neue Nürburgring, 1984

Prospekt über den Nürburgring Grand-Prix-Kurs (1984)


Im Jahre 1984 wurde die 4,542 km lange, moderne Grand-Prix-Strecke als zweite Rennstrecke am Nürburgring eröffnet.



Rock am Ring, 1985
Rock am Ring, 1985

Celebrating another premier for the first time was the spectacular music festival Rock am Ring, bringing new streams of visitors into the Eifel region. One year later, the first ever ADAC Truck Grand Prix was held, with surprising success. From it, organizers will derive one of the supporting pillars of the event programs. 

Motorsport history of the 1970's and 1980's:



1000 km-Rennen, 1. Juni 1974
1000 km-Rennen, 1976
Eifelrennn, 1974
Eifelrennen, 1970
Baumaßnahmen neue Grand-Prix-Strecke, 1984
Einweihung Grand-Prix-Strecke, Mai 1984
The 1970's and 1980's