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Poster for the Grand Prix of Germany on the 4th August 1963.
Poster for the Grand Prix of Germany on the 4th August 1963.

The wild 1960's - gentlemen and Green Hell


The 1960's had its very own idol. Wofgang Graf Berghe von Trips was the new crowd puller, who competed for the Grand Prix of Germany in 1961. Era of the German Economic Miracle – during that time, motor sport symbolized the new self-confidence of an entire nation. Followed by a huge media frenzy for that period of time, in 1961 over 100,000 spectators fevered with the gentleman racer during the race. Graf Berghe von Trips lost on this day against Stirling Moss, who seemed simply unbeatable. 


However, this did no harm to his popularity. 1969 – new popular drivers, such as the Belgium driver Jackie Ickx drew scores of visitors to the motor sports events. Automotive racing were more popular than ever before – the drivers were treated like pop stars. The highlight of the year is the Grand Prix of Germany, at which Jackie Ickx is the victor. On this day, no one could even imagine that the Nordschleife would be challenged as a Grand Prix circuit. However, just one year later this was the case: After a series of severe accidents in GP sports, numerous drivers demanded major changes to be made to the Green Hell, as the circuit was named with reverence by the drivers. 

Motorsport history of the 1960's:



500 km-Rennen, 1961
ADAC 1.000 km-Rennen, 19. Mai 1963
Großer Preis von Deutschland, 7. August 1966
Großer Preis von Deutschland, 4. August 1963
Großer Preis von Deutschland, 31. Juli 1960
Großer Preis, 1961