Meilensteine Nürburgring


The Nürburgring – then and now

The Nürburgring is of essential importance for Germany’s history of motorsport and also one of the most popular national monuments in the country.

The history of the Nürburgring at a glance


Groundbreaking ceremony for the Nürburgring

In only two years, engineers drew up a 23.8 km circuit, which could be used in different versions, including the then 22.8 km Nordschleife.


Official opening of the Nürburgring

The Eifel Race for motorbikes on 18 June 1927 was the first race ever to take place on the new track. Just one day later, Rudolf Caracciola was the first driver to win a motorcar race at the Nürburgring – the Eifel Race.


The myth of the Silver Arrows is born 

Legend has it that the Mercedes team spent the night before the race scraping off the coat of paint from ist W25 race car in order to comply with the newly introduced weight limit of 750 kg. The following day saw the factory team around driver Manfred Brauchitsch bring home an undisputed victory with the silvery Mercedes, marking the birth of the Silver Arrows.


War brings racing to a standstill

World War II put a temporary end to racing in 1940.


Reopening of the Nürburgring after World War II


Nürburgring hosts first race of newly established Formula 1 series

The Grand Prix of Germany took its place in the Formula 1 race calendar – the beginning of a genuine motorsport madness in Germany.


Formula 1 leaves the Nürburgring

At the end of the 1976 season, Formula 1 left the Nürburgring due to safety concerns, even though the Nordschleife underwent substantial modifications.


Official opening of the Nürburgring Grand Prix track

The 4.542 km modern Grand Prix track was opened in 1984. The Formula 1 returns to the Nürburgring.


Rock am Ring

The Rock am Ring music festival took place for the first time. 75,000 people came to see bands and singers like U2, Joe Cocker and Marius Müller-Westernhagen.


Truck Grand Prix

The first Truck Grand Prix wowed the crowds in 1986. Ever since, the event has been a main pillar of the Nürburgring event calendar.


The Nürburgring is certified in accordance with EMAS regulation

To date the Nürburgring is still the only race track in the world to have been awarded EMAS environmental certification.


Construction of Mercedes-Arena

With the construction of the Mercedes-Arena, the Grand Prix track was extended to today’s length of 5.148 km.


Start of extensive modernisation and expansion at the Nürburgring

From November 2007, the Nürburgring was expanded to become a leisure and business centre.


Opening of the new leisure and business centre at the Nürburgring

Thanks to its most recent expansion, the Nürburgring has become a modern leisure and adventure destination with numerous attractions revolving around two of the most fascinating race tracks in the world.


6:11.13 – an eternal record

To mark the 30th anniversary of Stefan Bellof’s lap record on 10 August, a section of the legendary Nordschleife was named after him – the Stefan Bellof S.