Metzeler Reinoldus Long-Distance Cup

Face your fears: 6h long-distance race for everyone

The Metzeler Reinoldus Long-Distance Cup is a “series for everyone”. Anyone who likes motorsports can take part. So off you go, racers, see you in the Eifel region!

4 championship races take place along the entire Nürburgring Grand Prix track every year . During the events, people compete for points and prize money. Rising numbers of participants and team registrations show how popular this series is.

At a glance


  1. 18.04.2021 (Sun) 
  2. 02.05.2021 (Sun) 
  3. 04.07.2021 (Sun) 

Reinoldus Long-Distance Cup 2012

Highlights of the race series

One of the highlights of the race series is the Le Mans Start. On one side of the starting straight you find the motorcycles, held onto by a helper, and on the other side, the drivers. The race director waves the German flag signalling the start of the race. The drivers sprint to their machines, start the engine and the spectacular race begins.

Reinoldus Long-Distance Cup 2012

More information and registration:

Anyone can take part in the Metzeler Reinoldus Long-Distance Cup. All you need is a DMSB license and a motorbike that meets the rather simple technical specifications. To take part in the Metzeler Reinoldus Long-Distance Cup, please register at the series’ website at einschreiben.