GLP Regularity Test Nürburgring

GLP Regularity Test

The motorsports entry-level series.

The GLP is all about hundredth of seconds. The goal is to orbit the Nürburgring North Loop with lap times as constant as possible. Whoever has the least variation wins.

Conditions of participation include road-legal cars and DMSB-approved helmets. This series is about such values as constancy, regularity, solidity and precision. Among the participants are the top teams of the VLN Long Distance Championship Nürburgring. The GLP is a classless society – here, a Smart can beat a Porsche because lap time doesn’t play a role.

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Price:Free admission at the Nordschleife
  1. 24.04.2021 (Sat) 
  2. 08.05.2021 (Sat) 
  3. 03.07.2021 (Sat) 
  4. 28.08.2021 (Sat) 
  5. 02.10.2021 (Sat) 
The popular touring car sport at the Ring:
Vehicles of all classes compete at the RCN GLP regularity tests on the traditional Nürburgring Nordschleife.

GLP Regularity Test Nürburgring