Nürbus Eifel tour

Nürbus Eifeltour

The fastest promotional trip in the world

Take your seat: this trip in a panorama bus from the 1950s takes you on a virtual, guided panorama tour through the idyllic Eifel. Needless to say, things take a different course from originally planned. The promotional trip becomes a racing trip over the holy asphalt of the Nordschleife during the 1,000 km race. This is made possible by a cave projection – the first ever realized in Germany – which puts the observer at the heart of a veritable deluge of images. A sensational illusion and a great experience for all age groups. Hold tight!

Time: 5 min.

Terms of use:

  • Children under 4 years and a height of less than 0.90 m may not participate in the journey.
  • Unfortunately physically and mentally disabled persons may not ride.
  • Persons under influence of alcohol, drugs and medicine are excluded from the attraction.
  • Filming and taking photographs ist not allowed.
  • Eating, smoking and drinking is not allowed.
  • During the journey passengers have to sit still.
  • The instructions of the ring°werk employees must be strictly adhered to.