Motor Mania


Interactive fun for big and small motor racing fans alike

Set off on a trip through a crazy world of motor racing in XXL format. Your mission: aim your petrol nozzle at the many different light spots and in this way assemble the parts for your dream car. But be careful: there are distractions and a lot of surprises around every corner. An interactive theme trip such as you’ve never seen before.

Duration: 4,5 min.

Terms of use:

  • Miminmum age: 3 years
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Physically and mentally disabled persons must be accompanied by a supervising person.
  • Unfortunately not possible for persons in wheelchairs.
  • Persons under influence of alcohol, drugs and medicine are excluded from the attraction.
  • Eating, smoking and drinking is not allowed.
  • Leaning out is not permitted. Arms and legs must be kept in the vehicle.
  • The transport of bulky objects is not permitted.
  • The instructions of the ring°werk employees must be strictly adhered to.