RaceRoom Café

What is RaceRoom?

RaceRoom - Virtual racing for everyone. Experience genuine racing atmosphere live.

Beat opponents of your class in championships or simply drive your dream car along your favourite track in the single mode. It’s all possible at the RaceRoom.

  • RaceRoom offers genuine racing feel for everyone – no matter what your age or experience
  • State-of-the-art racing simulators using the latest technology
  • Virtual races on the world’s most famous race tracks
  • Suitable for young and old, amateurs and pros
  • Free training, qualifying, pole position – like on a true race track
  • Exciting competitions, bold overtaking manoeuvres and fierce battles for position for the ultimate adrenaline rush
RaceRoom Café


Fun for everyone, whatever your age.

  • The latest racing simulators allow several players to drive along the world’s most exciting tracks live and compete with each other.
  • Bucket seats, steering and pedal units, integrated 24-inch widescreen monitors, realistic racing cars, original race tracks and a massive sound system catapult players into the impressive world of racing.
  • All RaceRooms use the complete, multi-award-winning SimBin race game software that makes this experience so unique.
  • The RaceRoom offers extraordinary entertainment for any age – for customers, colleagues, friends, family, classmates or club members.
  • The RaceRoom is particular fun if you come as part of a group.
  • Bold overtaking manoeuvres and exciting battles for position promise goose bumps and the best adrenaline rush ever.
  • Apart from the exciting virtual race environment, the RaceRoom lounge offers a pleasant atmosphere where players and visitors can recover from their adrenaline rush and enjoy snacks and drinks or chat about the racing line and the best driving technique.

Competitions – rankings – RaceRoom community

  • Take part in local, national or international competitions. Beat your personal best and compete against your friends or colleagues on world-famous race tracks or compete against virtual opponents on the RaceRoom online platform (RRO). You can also access your current score at RaceRoom Online. 
  • Improve your skills and start as a beginner in a Formula car, become a rookie in a touring car and become the world GT class world champion. RaceRoom provides the platform where you can do this. Go to www.raceroom.net and find out where you are. The website publishes all high scores, by vehicle category, race track and championships. Check where you stand compared to your friends, the people in your area, locally, nationally and even internationally. Become a member of a growing community.

For full information about the RaceRoom and all RaceRoom locations, please go to: www.raceroom.de