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Safety & Fun 1 Day

One-day car training course (intensive training)

The one-day driver training to improve your driving skills. The eight-hour training for every age and every level of experience provides security even in extreme situations.

It begins with a theoretical part about the most important physical interrelationships of driving, but also about how emergency situations can be recognised and avoided.

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Safety first!

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Monday to Thursday

€ 189.-

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€ 209.-

All prices ar valid for one person.
Additional insurance: € 10, -. The driving safety training vehicles can be covered by insurance optional and with an additional charge of € 3,500 maximum amount of loss and an excess of € 500,-.

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The focus, however, is on the practical side: On the slalom course every participant soon finds their best sitting position, steering wheel position and observation technique with steering exercises. The braking exercises at different speeds and in different road conditions help train the driver enormously; and one exercise is solely dedicated to braking on slopes. Driving round bends has to be learnt. In the process, you literally learn your own limits and the physical driving limits of your car. It goes without saying that the far from easy emergency braking on a bend is part of the training schedule. In the "dealing with dangers" training course every participant learns how to avoid obstacles that suddenly appear, and how to get their car back on track if it goes into a skid.


The day course consists of at least seven practical modules and two theoretical modules which each last 45 minutes. In the final consultation any remaining questions are answered and at the end, each participant is given a driving safety certificate.

Today, the Nürburgring is much more than “just" a racing track; it has developed into a real centre of experience. The auto motor and sport driving safety centre in the near vicinity of the racing track plays a particularly significant role in this, by combining the fun of driving with practical driving safety training, which prepares drivers for the reality of the dangers of road traffic.

Moreover, our team will of course be happy to sort matters out for you: for example, the rental of race courses, rental cars, supporting programmes, over-night stays, food & drink … in short: the complete programme – and all that single-handedly.


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