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proWIN Winter GmbH

proWIN Winter GmbH

proWIN Wiesn at the Nürburgring: Internal proWIN event was a complete success

proWIN Wiesn at the Nürburgring. The 2,000 best sales reps celebrated with live music from “Münchner Zwietracht” and Bavarian delicacies at the ring°boulevard in front of the ring°wall (LED wall) until late in the evening. 

Company founder and managing director Ingolf Winter welcomed the 200 best sales partners in a separate VIP area. In a proWIN shop, which had been specially set up on the ring°boulevard, the participants of the event could learn more about the company’s latest products. 

In the past few years, proWIN international has developed into one of the leading, multi-vendor direct sales companies in Europe. What is special about proWIN is that it markets its exclusive and innovative products through more than 40,000 sellers at home parties and thus very successfully combines classic direct sales with network marketing. 

“This has been a lot of fun again! The atmosphere was awesome, which was likely also due to the great location. Things were planned down to the last detail thanks to our long-standing cooperation. The proWIN Wiesn at the Nürburgring in April is definitely right up there with the real Oktoberfest Wiesn in terms of atmosphere,” says Sascha Winter, Public Relations/ Product Manager best friends and authorised representative of proWIN.

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