Sports Dinner im ring°werk


Everyone gets to feel like a racing driver!

At the ring°werk, the leisure park that revolves around myths, motorsports and mobility, you can experience the world of the Nürburgring with all your senses. Here at the ring°werk, every visitor gets to feel like a racing driver. Feeling the 24-hour race with your entire body from your cinema seat, or test your knowlegde of the Nürburgring in the ring°akademie - every visit is packed with variety and excitement.

Visit the ring°werk as supporting program for your conference or rent it exclusively after your daily program for an evening event.

At a glance


  • Group from 10 guests:
    € 5.04 per guest
  • Exclusive evening hire:
    from € 1000,-
All prices are subject to statutory VAT.

  • Group sizes from 10 guests up to 600 guests

Fascination Green Hell
Action aplenty in the simulators and rides, a wealth of expertise on motors and mobility, the fascination of the Green Hell – every visit is varied and exciting.


Sports Dinner or VIP-arrival, teambuilding in the crag - at the ring°werk the event participants go on expedition to experience the Nürburgring myth very close.

Group size:

  • From 10 guests
  • Up to 600 guests




  • Banquet seating: 600 guests

Additional services:

  • Catering
  • Event technology
  • Seating

Exclusive hire:

  • The exclusive hire of the ring°werk including individual attractions is possible after the regular opening hours for evening events - example for an evening program:
    Sports Dinner



As part of an exclusive guided tour, you will be given an overview of the ring°werk’s various attractions. After the tour you can take the opportunity to explore the individual areas at close quarters.

Price ring°werk-tour (max. 20 guests):
€ 75,63 per group*

* plus tickets

24h 4D-cinema

24h-race in 4D

Lift off in the fourth dimension

Welcome to the biggest motor sport event of the world – to the legendary 24h-race. In a gigantic experience cinema you become a member of a racing team. Polarised glasses and digital 3D film technology of the newest generation make it possible.Are you ready for the hunt over the legendary Nordschleife? (Duration: 15 minutes)


Motor Mania

It’s the interactive fun for all kind of motor sport fans

Come along on the trip through a mad motor sport world in the XXL format. Your mission: take aim with your nozzle to many different points of light and put together thus the parts for your dream car. But careful: distractions and many surprises are waiting behind every corner. An interactive subject journey, as you never experienced before!



Motor sport in XXL

You always wanted to sit behind the controls of a big truck? Then now you have the opportunity to do this! Take a seat in the big racing truck and steer him around the demanding Grand prix track. However, before you rise to this challenge, you must win the qualifying on your own terminal against your comrades-in-arms. The most modern simulation technology only makes this unique racing pleasure possible.

Nürbus Eifeltour

Nürbus Eifeltour

Buckle up:

The journey in a panorama coach from the 50s offers you a virtual, controlled view journey through the idyllic Eifel. Of course this differently runs, than originally planned. The coffee journey becomes a rapid trip about the holy asphalt of the north loop during the 1,000 km race.
This is possible because of the first in Germany realised cave projection which puts the viewer in the centre of a true picture flood. It’s a sensational illusion and a great experience for every generation.