Nürburgring VIP club°lounge

Nürburgring VIP club°lounge

Leaves a lasting impression ...

The Nürburgring club°lounge is the exclusive and direct VIP admission to our Coca-Cola business°lounge and simultaneously an event venue with a mixture of noble ambiance and motorsport-atmosphere.

Located directly on the ring°boulevard, the Nürburgring club°lounge offers 500 sqm for receptions, exhibitions, workshops and other types of corporate events. A reception counter, a bar area, an exhibition area for cars or other products, as well as an existing lounge seating make the Nürburgring club°lounge flexibly usable for different occasions.

At a glance

Venue:BMW M Power Tribüne

  • Event days: 
    from € 2.000,- per day
  • Build-up and break-down days: 
    from € 1.000,- per day
The price depends on the date of the event. All prices are subject to statutory VAT.

  • Capacity: maximum 100 guests
  • Exhibition space: 500 sqm

Nürburgring VIP club°lounge:
Exclusive ambiance and central location.

Nürburgring VIP club°lounge

Apart from events, the Nürburgring club°lounge is also available as an exhibition space, for workshops, or as a reception area for your corporate event.



  • Exhibition space: 500 sqm
  • Separate lounge area
    on upper floor: 75 sqm
  • Cars can be brought in
  • Two entrance areas
  • Lounge area includes furnishings and bar counter
  • TV screens
  • Inclusive of final cleaning and incidental costs


  • Maximum 100 guests



  • Daily, all year round, by appointment

Additional services:

  • Event technology
  • Seating
  • Catering
  • Use of the screens

Floor plan of the Nürburgring VIP club°lounge:



Nürburgring VIP club°lounge | Floor plan below
Floor plan below
Nürburgring VIP club°lounge | Floor plan above
Floor plan above

The 75 sqm area on the upper level can also be used as smoking lounge, separate VIP area or conference room.


During major events, the guests of the business°lounge will be welcomed by our friendly hostesses and can enjoy a drink with live up-to-the-minute racing commentary.