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Safety & Fun Driving Event

Safety and Fun Driving Event | Nürburgring

Experience more in safety

Combine the driving technique exercises you require with exciting fun elements. Get your sales team fit to hit the road or surprise your employees with a bonus event with a difference – for customised fun at the wheel.

Safety and Fun Driving Event | Nürburgring

The central event planning team at the Nürburgring will assist you with the individual organisation of your event.


nonbinding request Safety & Fun Driving Event

Telephone: +49 (0) 2691 302-9604

Services included:

  • Driving technique exercises
    (with participants’ own vehicles)
  • Driving Challenge
  • Provision of the necessary driving runs
  • Instructors
  • Radio sets
  • Insurance pursuant to the Driving Safety
  • Centre General Terms and Conditions
  • 1 trophy set (incl. engraving)

Group sizes:

  • Min. 10 / max. 80 participants
  • The price given refers to a group of 10 participants, four driving technique
    exercises and a fun element; event held
    during the week in the low season



  • Daily, all year round, by appointment

Event duration:

  • The events as given here lasts 3 hours
  • 3 - 8 hours

Additional services:

  • Buffet lunch
  • Rental cars


  • from € 99,- per person
    Prices quoted do not include the statutory sales tax.

Driving technique exercises


Braking exercises, cornering exercises, skid simulator - here you can practise everything. The choice of exercises can be adjusted to suit your requirements. In addition to a wide selection of driving technique exercises, you may choose from among the following fun elements:

Twist Challenge

the rear wheels of this car have been replaced by rollers which rotate around their own axis; this means the car swerves at the slightest change in direction. Only some highly sensitive steering will help you complete the obstacle course in record time …

Team Challenge

Looks like a normal car, but that’s where you’re wrong: the quadruple-controlled car is to be taken literally, since in this instance four drivers share one car. How well a team actually works together when steering, acceleration, brake and clutch are divided up among the members, is something you quickly find out.

Slalom Challenge

The slalom at the wheel of one of our racing Fabians is a racing experience with a difference. Stripped down to the bare metal, these speedsters have a breath-taking sound. Once you have fastened the sixpoint safety belt, race this nippy little number against the clock around the slalom course.

Impressions Safety Driving Training at the Nürburgring:


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