Hotels nearby the Nürburgring

Within a radius of 45 minutes and/or 50 km from the Nürburgring more than 2,000 3 and 4-star hotel rooms are at your disposal for your own corporate event. Here’s a small selection of our partner hotels.

Hotel am Tiergarten***

Enjoy the hospitality of the familar-run 3*Comfort Hotel close to the race track. The conference room is equipped with whiteboard, beamer, video, flipchart, tv and Der Tagungsraum verfügt über Whiteboard, Beamer, Video, Flipchart, TV und overhead projector. A screen is available as well. 


Number of rooms: 52

Distance to the Nürburgring: 1 km

Conference rooms: 1 conference room for max. 25 persons


Hotel am Tiergarten

Hotel zur Burg***

This quiet located hotel at the foot of the Nürburgring offers comfy rooms, regional dining and a conference room for up to 40 persons. Furthermore wireless lan is available throughout the whole building.


Number of rooms: 35

Distance to the Nürburgring: 1 km

Conference Rooms: 1 conference room for max. 40 persons


Hotel zur Burg

Hotel Rieder***

This familar-run hotel in Wiesemscheid is located close to the Nürburgring. The cuisine offers individual arrangements: before, after and natural during you event.


Number of rooms: 62

Distance to the Nürburgring: 5 km

Conference rooms: 3 conference rooms for 12, 40 and 80 persons


Hotel Rieder

Hotel Agnesenhof***

Feel home and enjoy the comfy atmosphere of a beautiful, restored farmhouse. The generous rooms are furnished modern and tasteful.


Number of rooms: 15

Distance to the Nürburgring: 7 km


Hotel Agnesenhof

RWE Educational Centre

Away from noise and rush the educational centre Wanderath ist located in the idyllic Eifel close to the Nürburgring. The mordern conference, hotel and leisure sites are arranged in the sense of an effective conference atmosphere and give space for communication and creativity.


Number of rooms: 93

Distance to the Nürburgring: 9 km

Conference rooms: 11 conference rooms, 9 break out rooms, 1 guest office


RWE Educational Centre

Hotel Landhaus Sonnenhof****

In the Landhaus Sonnenhof the human is the central point. A rest from the desk, finding space for the head, taking up new things. This is only possible in the right setting - where calmness is alive, where people take care. Far away and close at hand.


Number of rooms: 33

Distance to the Nürburgring: 11 km

Conference rooms: 4 conference rooms for 10 - 40 persons

Hotel Landhaus Sonnenhof

Hotel Blaue Ecke***

The hall of knights of the hotel Blaue Ecke in Adenau offers a different ambience for your conference. The restored Knight-of-St.-John hall provides perfect requirements for your event as well. Treat yourself to some fine food from the kitchen or relax in the hotel's own bar-lounge with a cup of coffee or a cocktail.

Number of rooms: 28

Distance to the Nürburgring: 11 km

Conference rooms: 2 conference rooms for overall 80 persons


Hotel Blaue Ecke


Hotel Kastenholz****

Get spoiled and enjoy the extraordinary comfort of a long-standing hotel in an idyllic place. No matter what you are planning, an intense tutorial, a busy conference, a day away from the office, a briefing, an important policy meeting: The hotel Kastenholz offers the perfect solution.

Number of rooms: 49

Distance to Nürburgring: 25 km

Conference rooms: 4 conference rooms for 20 - 120 persons


Hotel Kastenholz

Sporthotel & Resort Grafenwald

Sporthotel & Resort Grafenwald****

The Sporthotel & Resort Grafenwald is a perfect location for conferences, tutorials and events.

Number of rooms: 137

Distance to the Nürburgring: 25 km

Conference rooms: 6 conference rooms for 12 - 100 persons

Sporthotel & resort Graefenwald


A teambuilding-tutorial, a meeting, a conference or an event: Châteauform helps you to realise the educational and dynamic purposes of your event. Discover the innovative concept of the Châteauform Seminarhäuser.


Number of rooms: 60

Distnace to Nürburgring: 42 km

Conference rooms: 15 conference rooms for 4 - 100 persons


CHÂTEAUFORM - Die Seminarhäuser