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Legend and motors – discover the Nürburgring spirit for your business!

With a unique combination of motorsports events, attractions and venues, the world-famous Nürburgring racetrack is the place to host exclusive corporate events, hospitality, or get in on the action as a sponsor.

The Nürburgring presents a huge range of options – we have a solution for almost every personal preference. You’ll receive comprehensive advice and guidance from our expert team.

Welcome to the Nürburgring!


Events & excursions

Events & excursions
The perfect setting for your event

Presentations in the pit lane, team building at the ring°werk, VIP reception right at the start and finish straight or corporate events in the ring°boulevard – the possibilities are endless at the Nürburgring ...

Driving programme

Driving programme
Feel like a racing driver

Unique driving experiences – on and off the legendary Nürburgring racetrack? Experience with your guests exclusive driving programs to forget everday life and to remove borders within groups ...

VIP hospitality

VIP hospitality
Unique & exclusive

An unique atmosphere in exclusive surroundings – irrespective of whether you would like to rent a lounge or a business°seat on a temporary or year-round basis, here you can experience racing from the front row ...

Sponsorship & Advertisment

Sponsorship & Advertisment
Use the Ring for your brand

The Nürburgring offers a whole range of advertising options for year-round or temporary brand marketing activities – there are countless ways of achieving your particular marketing goals ...

Our event professionals will help you from start to finish – with your idea, its conceptualisation, a proposal, organisation and with staging your customised event.

If you have any queries about driving programmes, hospitality or sponsorship opportunities at the Nürburgring, please give our specialists a call – they’ll be happy to assist.

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