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On this website we present you the dates
for the driving experiences and driver trainings in the current season. The dates can be found here as well as on the special offer sides.

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For questions and further information please contact the team of the Nürburgring Driving Academy or the respective organizer of the event at any time.

Date Event Location
17.03.2018 (Sat)iCal
09:00–17:00 Uhr
Test and Set-up sessionNordschleife & Grand-Prix-Strecke
Test possibility for competition vehicles

As in previous years, we also offer this year the possibility to drive laps at the Nürburgring in order to prepare for the 2018 motorsport season.

On 17 March 2018 competition vehicles (VLN, RCN, 24-Hour Race) can do their test and setup drives - Track Day participants are not allowed. The track layout will be the combination of the Grand Prix track and the Nordschleife. Taxi drives and timekeeping are not allowed on this day.

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