Tourist rides Nordschleife

Tourist rides Nordschleife

Be your own pilot through the "Green Hell"

Experience the legend up close. Explore the Nordschleife in your own car or on your own motorbike – at the Nürburgring everyone has that possibility. The circuit is open for tourist rides on fixed dates, inviting the fans of this legendary circuit to enjoy a unique experience.




Pre-sale 2015 started

Like every year, there is the possibility to order tickets or a season ticket for the Nürburgring tourist drives. Anyone can secure the driving experience for next year at current prices. The order form has to be received by the Nürburgring until 31-12-2014.

Opening times

The hours of operation for tourist rides on the Nordschleife can be found here:


Opening times Nordschleife

Opening times Grand Prix Circuit


Updated daily you can also call our information line:


Use the pre-sale offer to order tickets for 2015 at prices of the current year!

The purchase of tickets for tourist drives can be made through the following ways:


Download: Order form pre-sale 2015 (PDF)


Book tickets online



  • By telephone: +49 (0) 2691 - 302-630
  • At the entrances of the Nordschleife



The Nordschleife may close at any time and without notice due to unforeseeable reasons (e.g. accident, weather, track conditions etc.). This may lead to waiting times or opening hours being delayed. 

Prices for tourist drives in 2014

Card type:

Nordschleife / Grand-Prix track 2014:



1 lap / 1 turn of 15 min

27,- €


4 laps / 4 turns of 15 min

100,- €


9 laps / 9 turns of 15 min

209,- €


25 laps / 25 turns of 15 min

518,- €

Annual ticket

Nordschleife & Grand-Prix track 2014

1.650,- €

  • In 2014 all tickets can be used either for tourist drives on the Nordschleife or on the Grand-Prix track (one lap Nordschleife corresponds to a 15-minute turn on the Grand-Prix track and vice versa).
  • The validity of the prices starts at 1st January 2014.
  • Disregarding the terminal value the tickets lose their validity on the 31st December 2014.

Safety video

Safety rules

There are other motorists due to the organised tours, so some rules need to be followed – in the interest of safety for all concerned. You have to drive on the right side and  the Highway Code and Road Traffic Licensing Regulations apply. 





Please store the emergency number for the Nordschleife in your cell phone.

Emergency number: 0800 0302 112


20.832 km legendary tarmac

The legendary Green Hell

Racing and winning on the Nordschleife, which was opened in 1927, has always been very special for racing drivers, because the track is one of the most demanding in the world ...

Grand-Prix track

Grand-Prix track
Drive yourself on the F1 circuit

Exploring the Nürburgring Grand-Prix track

The Grand-Prix track too is open for tourist drives, so that everyone can experience the fascination of the race track time and time again ...

Impressies toeristenritten Nordschleife


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