Nürburgring Driving Academy

Sales team

Introducing: The sales team at the Nürburgring Driving Academy.

Whether it’s a custom designed incentive program, corporate excursion or vehicle launch – or if you’re a participant at one of our many training courses on and around the racing circuit, our sales team will be pleased to advise you on the corresponding issues.

Sales Manager Driving Academy (B2B)

Stefan Gierden

Sales Manager B2B

T +49 (0) 2691 302-9736

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Sabine Heesen

Sales Manager B2B

T +49 (0) 2691 302-9734

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Dajana Magor

Sales Manager B2C & B2B

T +49 (0) 2691 302-9733

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Alexandra Thiel

Sales Manager B2B

T +49 (0) 2691 302-9737

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Sales- & Product Manager Racetrack / Driving Academy

Sarah Nick

Sales & Product Manager

T +49 (0) 2691 302-9735

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