Caterham Drift & Slalom


The awesome feeling of drifting a car sideways!

The difference is akin to being a fighter pilot or a passenger on an airliner; both will get you to your destination but only one will give you the ride of your life. This is why we get you to understand how much fun driving can really be.

Do you think, you can control a car at the limit? Then book now here: We guarantee fun!

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Price:Price per person per day: € 298,-

Day event, including rental of the racing vehicle, including all extras, helmet, drinks.

The Nürburgring Drift & Slalom Experience is our most popular driving event and gives you the chance to go wild with a Seven around a tight coned circuit. Precision driving skills are required to slip, slide and spin the cars through the course in the quickest possible time. But don't worry, the emphasis is on fun and full tuition from our instructors is an integral part of the day. All you need is a driving license to participate. 


With the wind in your hair, the roar of induction and exhaust in your ears and incredible, direct feedback through your hands and feet, driving a 7 is sensory overload compared to the typical modern roar car. This event is pure entertainment and a great chance to drive a Caterham in a way that would get you arresred on public roads! Everyone leaves with a smile and improved driving skills!