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With a Rent Race Car as your own pilot through the Green Hell of the Nürburgring

Piloting one’s own car around the infamous asphalt at the Nürburgring has long been an institution. The barriers blocking the entrance to the Nordschleife are opened almost every day for tourist rides. However, you dont't have the right car for your trip across the ring? RentRaceCar can make it happen with their specially prepared rental cars.

Finely tuned sport suspension, roll cage, performance tires with plenty of grip - you will feel our long-time experience from motorsport and driving events in the cars. The cars are insured with an insurance excess.

At a glance

  • Suzuki Swift Sport: from € 149.-
  • Renault Clio RS 220: from € 149.-
  • Scirocco Cup+: from € 199.-
  • BMW 228i M Coupé: from € 249.-

Fixed dates by appointment (Mon - Fri) (holidays excluded).

The most beautiful piece of asphalt is waiting for you: The Nürburgring Nordschleife.
Anyone who has once experienced the Nordschleife legend, comes back to the Ring again and again.