Team Kart Grand Prix

Kart-Grand-Prix | Nürburgring

Team building for victory

What counts during the Team Kart Grand Prix is the overall performance of your team. Just like the legendary 24 hour race around the Nordschleife, it’s about more than driving fast, since swapping drivers in the pit lane also has an impact on the event’s final outcome. Mutual assistance during the swap-over guarantees that stationary time in the pit lane is kept to a minimum, raising the chances of gaining a place on the winners’ podium.


Possible event programme:

Following some basic instruction, all participants taking part in a qualifying round lasting 8 minutes. During the qualifier, each lap is timed and the best lap time is established. After the qualifying round, participants are split into racing groups according to their individual lap times. In the process faster and slower drivers are combined to created homogeneous teams. During the briefing the teams and their drivers are presented and a team captain nominated. The teams are expected to come up with their own strategy for the race and plan driver swaps.

Module IV – Team Kart Grand Prix

Races with driver changes - from 30 - 50 participants (16 years and older, over 1.20 m in height)

Following thorough instructions, all participants take part in qualifying runs. All participants are instructed as a group and get to know the track and the karts together. Every single lap is then clocked by the automatic time measuring system, which also determines the best lap time. After the qualifying runs, the drivers are divided into racing groups according to their lap times; fast and slower drivers are mixed so as to form homogenous groups. This is followed by an explanation of the procedures of the Team Kart Grand Prix. The teams and drivers are introduced and each team appoints a team leader. The teams then decide on their strategies for the race. In order to change drivers, a driver has to make a pit stop and hand the kart over to the next driver as fast as possible. During the award ceremony, all participants and teams receive a printed overview of their qualifying times and their lap times during the team races.

Number of participants:

min 30 participants to max 50 participants
bookable from 2 hours / 2 hours max. 20 participants


  • Technical instruction / meaning of flags
  • Qualifying runs
  • Determining of teams by time measuring system (homogenous teams)
  • Team Kart Grand Prix
  • Award ceremony

Services included:

  • Provision of 8 - 10 RIMO SiNUS karts
  • Exclusive renting of track
  • Programming of time keeping
  • Printed overview of lap times
  • Expert staff at your service (max. 4 persons)


Per hour from € 749.00 gross (€ 629.41 net)

Please note:

Please note: You are obliged to wear a balaclava under your rented helmet for hygienic reasons. These can be obtained for € 2.50 / piece at the ring°kartbahn.

We would kindly ask you to reserve at least one week before the actual event takes place.