Take on the challenge: Adrenaline guaranteed!

The trend and recreational sport high ropes course at the Nürburgring. At a height of 9 m there are 22 climbing exercises of different degrees of diffiulty for you to discover.

Next to the ring°werk you will find an attraction offering plenty of fun and action: the kletter°challenge. The kletter°challenge poses a special challenge to courage and skills with balancing exercises on the balance board and the great stride across the Indiana Jones Bridge. Every exercise puts your coordination and concentration skills to the test. By choosing different combinations of exercises, the difficulty level can be adapted to suit you.

At a glance


  • Price per person: € 5,50
  • Preis in combination with a ring°werk-ticket p. p.: € 3,50


  • Minimum height: 1.20 m
  • Maximum height: 2.10 m

The kletter°challenge ist currently closed

Terms of use

Tickets are available at the ring°werk desk.

Are you brave enough?
At the kletter°challenger coordination and body control are required.

The kletter°challenge


Alone, with friends or colleagues you can dare yourself over the Balance Board or defeat the Indiana Jones Bridge. Every obstacle poses unpredictable harassments, which puts your coordination and body control to the test. Here, slip resistance and concentration are required. The sequence is so cleverly combined that you can choose your difficulty level all the time - depending on how brave you are. At the end beckons the intoxicating feeling of self-affirmation! A novel concept offers this level of comfort and TÜV-tested safety through an innovative and proven security system.

Opeing times kletter°challenge

Opening times kletter°challenge

The trend and recreational sport high ropes course is currently closed. Depending on the weather conditions short-term changes of the opening times are possible. Subject to change.

You'll get further information about the current opening times of the kletter°challenge in the ring°werk or by telephone +49 (0) 2691 302-6607.

Summary opening times kletter°challenge

kletter°challenge Nürburgring

Location kletter°challenge:

You can find the kletter°challenge between the ring°werk and the Droint hotel at the B258. The entrance of the kletter°challenge is located in the ring°werk on the ring°boulevard.